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Car Booking Engine


This is a typically developed engine, which exclusively caters to the car rental companies. We have also developed and deployed the XML version of the car booking engine. This can be utilized in both the conditions.

Condition 1

When you develop a complete travel portal and also require CAR rental XML to be integrated, we have the solution for the same. The CAR XML engine can be integrated separately to your TRAVEL PORTAL & connects to the inventory of some leading bus Consolidator. This XML has its own deal and has an extremely attractive revenue model.

Condition 2

When you are a full fledged CAR RENTAL company and want to run Online Car Rental business. Here, we will provide you with an online portal along with fully developed CAR RENTAL engine, which will have its own modules such as Registration, Admin, Inventory, Fleet Management, Route Management, Vendor Management, Payment Gateway, SSL etc. This will come to you as complete package which can be immediately made live and functional thereafter.

There had been lot of research during the development of the above mentioned CAR RENTAL engine and its related modules and finally it was prepared to deliver the best to you. The system is being utilized by several top CAR RENTAL companies globally.

"We approached LuckyYatra.com for XML integration of FLIGHT, HOTEL, CAR & BUS, the services provided by them were simply incredible."
Navjoot Bhalla, Partner. IEP India.